Men live on average 5 years less than women and have poorer outcomes from chronic conditions.


With 1 in 4 men suffering with testosterone deficiency, there has never been a greater need for men to take personal control over their hormonal health journeys.

​Nutrient deficiencies are common with stress, negative lifestyle factors, poor diet and external toxins causing havoc on men's hormones.


Sperm levels have halved in the past thirty years and testosterone levels have been decreasing globally by 1% a year for decades. 

Interventions are urgently needed to combat this downward spiral impacting all men including future generations.

The team at DNA all share a passion for men's health. We intend to do things better and differently from everyone else one out there.

If we don't, how else will things change? Here's how we got here and most importantly why.

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"There are no natural alternatives available for the 91% of men who suffer from low-T but don't qualify for TRT.....Until Now."

Sheldon Stringer

Co-Founder & Original Silverback


A frustrated husband’s battle with testosterone deficiency has led to him creating a product with his wife to help other men avoid the same issues.


Extreme sports enthusiast Sheldon Stringer, 43, felt “like someone had stolen half my soul” as he went from pushing his body to the limit to struggling physically and mentally with a startling loss of libido.


His search for answers led to him starting up London-based men’s hormonal health supplements brand Dynamic Nutrition Academy with wife Roberta. Sheldon, of Hertford, has a background entrenched in fitness as an experienced performance coach and personal trainer with a business built on his dedication to helping clients smash their weight loss and training goals. 


“Being active, motivated, driven and successful has always been the foundation of my personality and the pillars of my pride,” said the brand’s chief innovation officer Sheldon, who was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, “So when I started noticing a decline in all these areas I knew something was wrong.


“It became abundantly clear very early on that testosterone deficiency and the associated symptoms, including constant fatigue, lack of motivation, decreased drive and ambition, decreased libido and unexplained anger and frustration, was a condition that is so often misdiagnosed as depression or simply the ageing process. It was something I wasn't willing to accept and it could be solved.


“It felt like someone had stolen half my soul.  Considering myself to be a real man's man, it was hard for me to consolidate why I would wake up tired and then be pissed off because I was tired.


“My sex drive was non-existent which, as you can imagine, put a stupid amount of stress on my relationship. I just didn't want to have sex. I just wanted to be left alone. My drive and ambition had gone from roaring inferno to a pissy ant campfire that couldn't even heat a cup of water and I found myself both frustrated and angry at my lack of gumption.”


Alongside Roberta, a naturopathic nutritionist, Sheldon set about finding his own natural health solutions. Having realised there was little support out there for men in his situation and knowing that he was not alone, he made it his mission to develop exceptional and pioneering natural products for men that understood their needs and offered practical solutions. 


Fast forward two years and Sheldon and Roberta created Dynamic Nutrition Academy - a men's hormonal health supplement in the form of power powders that are drunk with water.


“It has given me back my drive, supercharged my motivation, boosted my activity levels and without a doubt will skyrocket my success,” Sheldon said.


“Like a sailor lost at sea, feeling helpless and lost, we hope to be the spotlight to light up the sky and show men that there is a way out, that they are safe and that we are there to help them no matter how rough their ‘sea’ might be.


“That is why I am so proud and excited for men about what’s to come. A range of products to support men like never before through every stage of their lives to help them liberate themselves from the symptoms and stigma of testosterone deficiency.”


Sheldon hopes that his passion for creating innovative, playful and engaging brands will resonate with the many men in similar positions to him facing hormonal challenges and combatting the symptoms of the andropause. He lives in Hertfordshire with Roberta, their children and two dogs.

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Co- Founder & Nutritionist

Self confessed science geek, Naturopathic Nutritionist and hormonal health expert Roberta's, leads DNA's product development.

Her desire is to provide men with more choices about how to support hormonal balance naturally and provide options to the vast range of pharmaceutical products and interventions that often mask the symptoms not address the issues.

"As a woman I have the privilege of being able to talk freely about my hormones and have options about how to best support the challenges that come with them.

Men aren't extended the same choices currently. I am on a mission at DNA to bring andropause and testosterone deficiency out in the open and empower men to take control over their own hormonal health journeys."



Co-Founder & Creative Director

Physical Performance Specialist by trade, creative by passion, Sheldon is the beating heart of DNA.

It's all about the testosterone, or in my case, a deficiency thereof. At age 40 I wasn't willing to accept that these symptoms were just a part of ageing and set about finding my own solutions.

“Our unique range of products support men like never before through every stage of their lives to help them liberate themselves from the symptoms and stigma of Testosterone Deficiency."

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