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Company Information

Who are DNA?

DNA are a family run company based in the UK and proudly manufactures pioneering natural men’s hormonal health products that address the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency and Andropause. DNA exists to empower men to talk about the very things that make them men in the first place. Our CEO is a Naturopathic Nutritionist with vast experience in hormonal health and our Chief Innovation Officer is a fitness expert who has battled his own Testosterone Deficiency so understands the challenges facing men. Together they lead a talented and dedicated DNA team whose mission is to raise awareness of Andropause and also provide a safe and supportive community for men to talk about their shared health issues.

How are DNA's products different and are they really a world's first?

Yes! We spent two years in product and recipe development to create a revolutionary MANabolic T-Complex ™ that is different to any other product on the market.

We looked at all the current natural solutions out there for men and realised that they were mainly aimed at men into sports and fitness, had a one size fits all approach and also are all capsule and tablet based. We wanted to do better.
DNA understands the importance of hormonal health for men of all ages, and from all walks of life. It’s not just something that older guys need or those that go to the gym or are into fitness and sports. After all, it's testosterone that makes all men male in the first place and every single man on the planet has it. Therefore we developed a trio of brands that are uniquely formulated to support men throughout key stages of their life and in a format that is far more active and convenient.

We are the first brand to ditch the usual supplement route of tablets and capsules. Absorption of these can be low and also people do not enjoy or always remember to take endless amounts of each per day. Instead we’ve created a first class liquid delivery system of a daily shot which can easily be incorporated into your daily wellness routine, offering all the benefits in one convenient and cost effective tasty drink. DNA has all men’s bases covered in one potent daily shot. The only question you need to ask is Which MANimal are you?

Hormone FAQ's

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the major sex hormone in males and plays a number of important roles, such as: · The development of the penis and testes
· The deepening of the voice during puberty
· The appearance of facial and pubic hair starting at puberty; later in life, it may play a role in balding
· Muscle size and strength
· Bone growth and strength
· Sex drive (libido)
· Sperm production
· Fat distribution
· Red cell production

Low testosterone can also impact mood and for older men have a negative effect on bone health (osteoporosis). For these reasons, testosterone is associated with overall health and well-being in men. In contrast to the female hormone cycle that fluctuates over a 28-day cycle, male testosterone levels fluctuate on a 24-hour cycle, meaning hormone levels dip and rise regularly every single day. Normally, testosterone production is highest in the morning, plateaus in the afternoon, and falls in the evening to late-night hours.

Why is Testosterone so important?

When testosterone is not in balance, it can lead to serious health problems.

Testosterone also plays an essential role in fertility and sexual function. When levels are optimum it keeps libido’s healthy. It is also required to produce and maintain an erection. Low T can impact men’s fertility and been implicated in many other areas of men’s health.

There is also a proven link with testosterone and cardio health. Healthy testosterone levels have been linked to improved insulin sensitivity which allows the body to use sugars more effectively. This reduces the risk of developing diabetes.
It’s common knowledge there is a connection between our hormones and mood. A recent study showed that testosterone was more effective than antidepressants at improving mood and reducing anxiety and depression.

What is Andropause?

There are many myths and misconceptions about the Andropause – and it's only in recent years that the medical profession has come to acknowledge it. Andropause is also known as the ‘manopause’ but medical definitions include Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, Androgen Deficiency, and Late-onset Hypogonadism. It is a hormonal imbalance affecting men, which typically presents symptoms from the age of 40+, however its incidence in younger males is increasing. The Andropause differs from female Menopause in numerous ways. With women, there is a finite moment where menstruation ceases but with men the symptoms may be gradual and not experienced by all. Also, men aged 40 plus (our Silverbacks) can be impacted by oestrogen dominance. Symptoms can range from mood swings, night sweats, poor sleep, depression, anxiety, and poor muscle tone. One of the most obvious symptoms of oestrogen dominance is gynecomastia, more commonly known as ‘moobs a.k.a man boobs’, which is an enlargement of the male breast tissue. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome / Andropause can be diagnosed by your doctor who may ask you to undertake a blood test and answer a questionnaire.

Isn't decreased testosterone just a normal part of ageing?

Yes, it’s a medical fact that testosterone levels do decline naturally. They peak around 19 / 20 and from the age of the 30 decline at appx 1% a year then accelerate from 40+. The issue is that this decline has rapidly increased in the past twenty + years and more and more men are experiencing symptoms at an earlier age and with greater severity than their father’s generation. According to research, men’s testosterone levels have dropped at least 20% in the last 20 years and more and more younger men are suffering the effects of low testosterone. With this in mind if testosterone levels decline naturally as we age, these statistics should remain constant – but we know that they aren’t, and the negative trend seems to be getting worse. DNA wants to understand why and more importantly look for positive solutions for men.

I'm not really into sports and fitness - should I still care about my Testosterone levels?

The answer is a resounding Yes! It’s crucial to understand the role testosterone plays in ALL men’s health. All men have and need testosterone – it’s not all about gains in the gym or the bedroom (although there is no little doubt it helps with both). As explained, testosterone has many key roles in the body.

What are the symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency and Andropause / Male Menopause?

• Depression
• Reduced self-confidence
• Difficulty concentrating / foggy brain
• Disturbed sleep

• Declining muscle and bone mass
• Increased body fat
• Fatigue
• Swollen or tender breasts (due to imbalance with estrogen)
• Flushing or hot flashes
• Lower sex drive
• Loss of morning erections
• Fewer spontaneous erections
• Difficulty sustaining erections

DNA Product FAQ's

Why do I need to take DNA's shots daily?

Being part of the MANimal Kingdom is knowing your health is your wealth and taking control over your own hormonal health journey. Our liquid MANabolic T-Complex ™ brands have been strategically designed to form part of your daily man maintenance routine using ingredients that have proven health claims. For less than a cup of coffee costs, and for less time than it takes to clean your teeth, they enable you to take important steps to prioritising your self care. Deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals can directly contribute to the loss of testosterone production, leading to Testosterone Deficiency and all the unpleasant symptoms that come with this. The body cannot store all nutrients and it can be challenging to meet all daily mineral and vitamin needs. Understanding men’s wellness challenges, our base blend across all three DNA brands contain the same core of 12 super ingredients - all of which have multiple authorised health claims. Check the product pages for a key list of ingredients and benefits.

How do I take DNA's MANabolic T-Complex™ power powder?

Simply empty the daily sachet of your DNA blend into 150mls of water, stir and enjoy. For optimal absorption drink in one go and immediately. Each product can also be blended into a daily smoothie or juice of your choice. To enjoy the benefits of the energising nutrients in our core blends including magnesium, B2, B3 and B9, we suggest taking DNA products in the morning. Do not exceed the daily dose of each DNA product (1 sachet) and if you are taking other food supplements, check that you are not doubling up on key nutrients. DNA food supplements are not intended to replace a healthy diet and lifestyle.

What are the benefits of DNA products over other Testosterone supplements?

Other brands

  • Capsules cheap to make
  • Slower to break down and take longer to work
  • Tablets taken together compete for absorption
  • Less palatable / can repeat and have aftertaste
  • Fillers & Binders - often hidden unnatural ingredients
  • Equivalent of DNA blends means 30+ tablets daily
  • Base their blends on nutrients with no authorised health claims
  • Outdated one size fits all approach to men
  • Less stable - shorter shelf life
DNA Products
  • Cost effective - one daily functional shot instead of multiple different pills including multi-vitamins
  • High grade professional ingredients – in bioavailable formats
  • Instant delivery - liquid acts as a stable carrier
  • Maximum absorption - liquid supplements much quicker to digest as no outer shell
  • Easy to swallow in a tasty drink – no unpalatable chunky tablets
  • Convenient – small sachets are portable, easy to travel and store
  • Powder format - preserves nutrients and ensures they remain active for longer

What else can I do to increase my testosterone levels naturally?

There’s lots of lifestyle factors implicating hormonal imbalance.

• Medications and/or excessive alcohol or marijuana consumption
• Nutrient deficient diet
• Excess weight, especially around the waist
• Diabetes or metabolic syndrome
• Lack of sleep
• A sedentary lifestyle
• Stress
• External toxins

By reducing the risk factors, and making simple modifications to your diet and lifestyle, you can take positive steps to increasing your testosterone levels naturally and help restore healthy hormonal balance.

How long will my products last once purchased?

One of the many benefits of our world's first daily powder format is its stability and shelf life which is much longer than tablets and capsules. Each product will have a best before date on the sachet and box, which will be around 24 months from manufacture.

Are there any allergens in DNA products?

All DNA blends are allergen free in respect of the 14 EU declared allergens.

Why is my pee bright yellow?

Fear not! This is perfectly normal when taking B Vitamins, specifically due to the B2 vitamin, also known as riboflavin. “Flavin” actually comes from the Latin “flavus” which means yellow. After ingesting, your body will excrete the parts of the vitamin that it doesn’t absorb, often leading to bright yellow urine.

Are DNA products vegan?

The only non vegan ingredient in our products is Vitamin D which is found across all our blends.

About our Powders

What is the difference between DNA products White Wolf, Silverback and Grey Fox?

Each of DNA’s MANabolic T Complex ™ include a complex mix of professional nutraceuticals which are strategically formulated with the nutrients that men need at specific and key times over their hormonal health journey. Our needs in our twenties are not the same as they are in our sixties, so it makes no sense to have a one size fits approach. This approach is outdated. This is also what sets us apart from other brands out there who make one product that has limited impact across different age groups as it may be missing crucial ingredients that are of benefit. For example, oestrogen dominance tends to become an issue in men over 40. That’s why Silverback contains luteolin and nettle. Neither of these are in White Wolf or Grey Fox that have their own designated unique blends that support the needs of men in their age range. You will find each of the ingredients in DNA products has been carefully considered by our recipe team for the role they play across each of our targeted age groups. All of our blends are entrenched in science, research and validated health claims.

Is it safe to take DNA products if on testosterone replacement therapy or on any other medication?

Whilst all of our ingredients in DNA products are from nature, as with any food supplement, we always recommend that you discuss new supplement protocols with your doctor ahead of using them. Particularly if you are on any meds or have pre-existing health conditions. They will understand any potential implications or contraindications and can advise you accordingly. None of our products are designed to replace a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Why do I need White Wolf if I'm under 40?

More and more younger men are experiencing symptoms of low T. This can impact fertility, libido and lead to negative impacts on relationships and wellbeing. DNA core base blends are formulated with ingredients that have solid EU health claims including B6 and Zinc which are scientifically proven to support healthy testosterone levels.

How will Silverback help me during Andropause?

Improving hormone production, enhancing levels of bioavailable testosterone, and balancing excess oestrogen should alleviate some of the negative symptoms of Andropause / low testosterone levels.

Why do I need Grey Fox to support my hormones in later life?

DNA understands how important optimal wellness and longevity is to Grey Foxes. Hormones levels decrease with age yet continue to play a crucial role in keeping men healthy and happy. Some key micronutrient needs increase with age and diet and cumulative effects of long-term negative lifestyle factors can deplete levels significantly enough to cause deficiencies which can impact our bodies ability to maintain wellness and fight disease. Restoring hormonal balance and combating the loss of essential hormones and nutrients is a key factor in positive ageing and emotional wellbeing. DNA’s unique and pioneering liquid format delivers our exclusive blend of micronutrients using the best forms for the body to absorb and put to good use quickly and efficiently to.

My Account

Can you explain the subscription model?

Our subscription model allows you 28 days’ worth (2 boxes x 14) delivered conveniently to the location of your choice on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency and ongoing benefits. After the second month you can amend or cancel at any point.

What are the benefits of subscribing?

Less stress, less money, less to remember for starters! DNA’s functional health power powders are strategic natural blends designed to form an integral part of men’s daily maintenance routine. For less than a cup of coffee, you can swap your many pots of individual supplements for our multi liquid nutrient MANabolic-T Complex™ blend which have been formulated especially for men like you. Using our subscription model allows you to take charge and relieve the stress and effort out of reordering or worrying about running out. You also get a generous 15% discount for being a loyal member of our DNA family, and the chance to get a first look of new products as part of our trustworthy taste maker ambassador programme.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We'll be very sad for you to leave the MANimal Kingdom but in short yes, you can. After your initial two months, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like, but it will be a lonelier place without you and you will be missed. Let us know if we can do anything to help you stay and we’re always happy to hear your feedback. You can cancel, change frequency and your products at any time by logging into your account. Contact us if you have any issues doing this and we'll do it for you.

I have a discount code - how can I use it?

Simply add it in at checkout and if it’s valid it will be instantly redeemed.

How do I become a DNA affiliate or sell DNA products in my shop or gym?

TD and Andropause are global men’s issues. Therefore if you would like to join the MANimal Kingdom and want to add any, or all of our brands, to your natural men’s health offering, please email us we'll contact you with an application form or email us on.

Do you collaborate / partner with other brands?

We know the strength of the MANimal Kingdom is in a pack and love brilliant collaborations and partnerships. Please do contact us with your ideas. If it makes sense and is a good fit for DNA and our Because Men Matter philosophy, we’d love to hear from you. Parnterships / Collaborations: info@dynamicnutritionacademy.com Media and PR Contacts