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DNA is more than just about selling supplements.

We want to help men and women understand the importance of testosterone far beyond just muscle and sex drive.  

The academy will be a rich source of scientific and evidence based information to help men and women support their own natural testosterone health.

What is Testosterone?

All you need to know about testosterone will be covered in this section - COMING SOON.


What is Andropause?

Although many believe that Andropause a.k.a "The Male Menopause" is merely a myth, it is a recognised medical condition and we will enable you to identify and recognise the symptoms - COMING SOON.


The Science.

In this section we will be discussing all our ingredients in all DNA products, why we chose to include them and all the scientific and medical evidence to back up our decision - COMING SOON.


The truth about TRT!

At DNA, we are not opposed to TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) as for many men, it is a viable option, for some, even a life line.  We want to ensure that all men understand all the risks and side effects of TRT before making a decision, especially when it is sold in by the Pharma companies as a "Quick Fix" or "Silver Bullet" - COMING SOON.

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