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2023 WITH
The world's first menopause product
focusing on testosterone health to support
libido, mental health & overall well-being
Recommended by GP's & Pharmacists
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Bertie Stringer

Co-Founder & Clinical Nutritionist

"As a clinical nutritionist specialising in horomonal health, I am all to aware how important testosterone is for men, but just so for women.  With 10 x more testosterone than estrogen, I am astonished that this vital hormone has been overlooked with regards to HRT and is still not available from your GP.

That is why we've developed the world's first menopause supplement that focuses on natural testosterone health to support energy, mood and libido.

Going through menopause myself, I have first hand experience with Menoplay and in true DNA style, we practise what we preach and I take MenoPlay everyday.

I no longer suffer from hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety or "Brain Fog" since taking MenoPlay which is exactly why we developed it."

Bertie Stringer

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Why Menoplay?

We're revolutionising the menopause supplement industry with our unique, highly effective powder to liquid testosterone health focused supplement to support healthy libido, mental health and overall well-being during menopause.

95% Ingredient

Absorption Rate

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100% Natural


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Made in the

United Kingdom


Vegan / Vegetarian


Formulated by Science

Highest, safe dosages of clinically proven, premium quality ingredients

with tried and tested benefits.

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No Hidden Nasties

No binders, fillers or caking agents as found in all pill / capsule supplements. Only contains ingredients that work, nothing more, nothing less.

"I have vast experience in treating hormonal issues and have seen that focusing on testosterone health can change the lives of menopausal women for the better and I believe that nutrition and selected nutraceuticals can play a large part in achieving that aim.

I am impressed by the range of products developed by DNA and am excited to be involved in their innovative  project"

Dr. Bernard Willis (MBChB, D.OBST, RCOG, MRCGP)

DNA Medical Director

HRT / Hormonal Specialist GP

MenoPlay is a proud
GenM Partner.

DNA are delighted to join GenM and be part of a movement committed to challenging the status quo that has seen women's needs underserved for years and look forward to taking menopause mainstream.

"87% of Menopausal women feel overlooked by
brands and society"

More than just a Supplement

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"I take Menoplay to help me with my training but since taking it I no longer have anxiety and am sleeping much better"

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"This supplement is a game changer. I have come off HRT since taking Menoplay and haven't looked back. No more night sweats or hot flushes and my stress levels are down, feeling more relaxed and calm."

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"I recommend MenoPlay to

all my female customers who are currently on HRT.  Menoplay increases energy, improves mood and supports a healthy libido. I can't recommend this product enough"

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MenoPlay Supplement

Natural libido support with no negative side effects.


10 Science backed, vegan friendly ingredients to turn Menopause into MenoPlay and put the fun back in the bedroom and beyond. 

Supports Natural Testosterone Health
 Improves Energy Levels, Mood & Libido
Night sweets, hot flushes & anxiety
Reduces 16 common menopause symptoms
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Individual Purchase

Single Purchase of MenoPlay  Libido Support - 28 Day Supply


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3 Month Subscription

Billed Quarterly- £86.99

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6 Month Subscription

Billed Bi Annually - £161.99

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"I' rediscovered my libido after using testosterone.

I have never felt so good. I am living publicity for testosterone" 

Jane Fonda

  • Why Choose DNA Products Over Another Testosterone Product?
    We understand there are other "testosterone boosters" on the market that claim to help support healthy testosterone levels and we also know there are a lot of "snake oil" products out there and that is why DNA products are NOT a "testosterone booster" but a natural testosterone support supplement. All DNA products are the only natural testosterone support supplement in a powder to liquid format which offers a 95% absorption rate of the 18 ingredients compared to only 30% absorption rate of pills and capsules which ALL OTHER testosterone products are. So DNA products not only have more ingredients and higher dosages, but have 3 times more the absorption rate making it unrivalled by any other product. All DNA products were formulated by two Hormonal & TRT expert physicians and clinical nutritionists using pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients and developed and manufactured in a FDA approved facility in the United Kingdom under stringent quality control measures to ensure all our products are to the highest possible standard. With the patented ingredient Furosap®, DNA products are the only products with clinical trials and scientific evidence proving our products increase natural testosterone production by up to 45% over 12 weeks. DNA products are also the only natural testosterone products with over 100 European Food Safety Authority claims on each product so our clients can rest assured DNA products are as safe as they are effective.
  • How and When do I Use DNA Products?
    All DNA products are designed to support your natural testosterone production cycle which is on a 24 hour cycle and therefore needs to be taken daily. For best results, take your DNA daily drink first thing in the morning when your Cortisol is at its highest. Mix 2 teaspoons of DNA power powder into 150ml of cold water and stir. Because of the high amount of ingredients and dosages, you might find a little residue at the bottom of the glass. Simply add a little more water, stir and drink. DNA products are designed to tackle the no1 cause of low testosterone which is micronutrient deficiencies and dependant on how severe your deficiencies are and how many vitamins and minerals you're deficient in, it can take between 2 weeks and 6 months to start feeling the effects of healthy natural testosterone levels although most clients report a significant increase in energy, mood and sleep quality after about 3 weeks of daily use. It's important to note that low testosterone can't be fixed overnight and even TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) which is a pharmaceutical intervention and a synthetic hormone can take up to 6 months to be effective and why GP's will not prescribe it for any less than 6 months. All DNA products have the highest safe dosages of ingredients to ensure you start feeling the benefits as soon as possible.
  • What's in DNA Products?
    All DNA Products have a base formula of ingredients that are all scientifically proven to increase natural testosterone production. In all our products is a patented ingredient Furosap® which is the only natural ingredient with clinical trials and scientific evidence of natural testosterone production increase of up to 45% in as little as 12 weeks. All trial subjects experienced the following benefits: Free and bound testosterone levels improved significantly at 12 weeks of treatment. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and DHEA levels significantly decreased. Sperm motility significantly increased at 8- and 12-weeks of treatment, while abnormal sperm morphology significantly decreased at 12-weeks of treatment. Mental alertness, mood, and reflex erection score significantly alleviated. An age-induced increasing effect was observed. Furthermore, cardiovascular health and libido significantly improved. Blood chemistry analyses exhibited broad spectrum safety. A decreasing trend was observed in total cholesterol, triglycerides, and VLDL levels, while an increasing trend was observed in HDL level at 12 weeks of treatment. LDL level decreased significantly at 12-weeks of treatment. As DNA products are age specific, although each has a base formula of ingredients, a comprehensive list of ingredients can be found on the individual product pages. White Wolf Testosterone Amplifier | Men 25+ Silverback Testosterone Ignitor | Men 40+ Grey Fox Testosterone Support | Men 55+
  • Are DNA Products Safe?
    The answer is a resounding "Hell YES". DNA only uses the highest grade of natural ingredients and is completely safe with no side effects. All DNA products are manufactured in an FDA approved facility right here in the United Kingdom under stringent health and safety compliance. DNA products are the ONLY natural testosterone supplement to have over 100+ EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) claims on each product with White Wolf having 122 EFSA Claims, Silverback with 104 and Grey Fox with 105. If you are unsure however, please consult your GP before starting any healthy regiment.
  • Who are DNA Products for?
    Our natural testosterone production peaks at around 19 years of age, and then declines at approximately 10% every 10 years. That is why DNA have developed the world's first, age specific liquid testosterone support supplement range as your testosterone needs at 25 are vastly different to that of when your 60 and DNA products take this change in needs into account and offering natural solutions with our age specific range. Under no circumstances should anyone under the age of 25 be taking any sort of testosterone supplement and why DNA actively distance ourselves from other "testosterone boosters" who all try and push their products on men as young as 18 which is morally and ethically questionable. If you are experiencing the following symptoms then DNA products are definitely a natural, safe option to address these symptoms: Low/No Energy. Always Tired / Fatigued. Low Mood / Mood Swings Unmotivated or lack of drive. Over emotional. Low / No libido - Lack of interest in sex. No drive to workout or do things you normally enjoy. If so, you could be dealing with an imbalance of hormones which could result in lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels. DNA products are natural solutions that can be added to your daily routine with minimum fuss or effort and in doing so, increasing your natural testosterone levels which will make you feel like yourself again.
  • Do I Need To Cycle DNA Products?
    The good news is NO! Because DNA is made with all natural ingredients and unlike all other testosterone products that contain fillers, binders and caking agents to manufacture pills / capsules, there is nothing in DNA products that can mess with your physiology and we recommend that you take your DNA products daily to support your natural 24 hour cycle testosterone production and to feel all the benefits of healthy testosterone levels.
  • Do I Need A Doctor's Prescription For DNA Products.
    No prescription is needed for any DNA products. DNA products contain only natural ingredients and do not contain any synthetic hormones or medications and is therefore completely safe to take on a daily basis with no known side effects whatsoever.
  • How Soon Can I Expect Results?
    As every individual is different, results can vary vastly from person to person. However, the majority of DNA MANIMALS (what we call our clients) start to notice positive effects including more energy, increased stamina, increased mental focus, increased muscle mass, improved libido and lifted mood in as little as 3 to 4 weeks when taken daily in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. It can however take up to 6 months to start noticing the effects of healthy testosterone levels depending on lifestyle factors and why we recommend a monthly subscription to ensure consistency and in doing so, giving your body the maximum potential to produce healthy levels of testosterone.
  • Can I Take DNA Products With Other Medications?
    The default answer is yes, but if you are on other medications, please consult your GP before taking DNA products. All DNA products contain only natural ingredients with no contra-indications to any medications but we always recommend consulting your GP just to be safe.
  • Do I Still Need To Take Multi-Vitamins If I Am Taking DNA Products?
    The great news is no! As all DNA products double up as a multi-vitamin, you no longer have to try and swallow hand fulls of pills and capsules. DNA products take care of all of this for you in one simple daily drink.
  • Why Should I Trust DNA When I Have Been Stung By Past "Snake Oil" Products?
    We do find it sad that we have to put this in our FAQ's but with all the BOGUS products out there we fully understand. Did you know that AMAZON did an audit on their platform and found that 99% of testosterone products being sold on their platform either made false claims about their product, were made in unregulated facilities or simply didn't work. That is why AMAZON banned all "testosterone boosters" from advertising their products on AMAZON. DNA are one of the very few that are still permitted to advertise on AMAZON due to our stringent manufacturing process, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) compliance and clinical trials proving our products are safe and that they are effective. DNA is also the only natural testosterone supplement in the world that is sold by Selfridges, one of the UK's most exclusive retailer as we are the only one that passed their vigorous compliance procedures. All DNA products are developed by Hormonal and TRT Specialist Physicians and Clinical Nutritionists and are the only product with clinical trials proving its effectiveness.
  • Can you explain the subscription model?
    Our subscription model allows you 28 days’ worth (2 boxes x 14) delivered conveniently to the location of your choice on an ongoing basis to ensure consistency and ongoing benefits. After the second month you can amend or cancel at any point.
  • What are the benefits of subscribing?
    Less stress, less money, less to remember for starters! DNA’s functional health power powders are strategic natural blends designed to form an integral part of men’s daily maintenance routine. For less than a cup of coffee, you can swap your many pots of individual supplements for our multi liquid nutrient MANabolic-T Complex™ blend which have been formulated especially for men like you. Using our subscription model allows you to take charge and relieve the stress and effort out of reordering or worrying about running out. You also get a generous 15% discount for being a loyal member of our DNA family, and the chance to get a first look of new products as part of our trustworthy taste maker ambassador programme.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    We'll be very sad for you to leave the MANimal Kingdom but in short yes, you can. After your initial two months, you can cancel your subscription whenever you like, but it will be a lonelier place without you and you will be missed. Let us know if we can do anything to help you stay and we’re always happy to hear your feedback. You can cancel, change frequency and your products at any time by logging into your account. Contact us if you have any issues doing this and we'll do it for you.
  • I have a discount code - how can I use it?
    Simply add it in at checkout and if it’s valid it will be instantly redeemed.
  • How do I become a DNA affiliate or sell DNA products in my shop or gym?
    TD and Andropause are global men’s issues. Therefore if you would like to join the MANimal Kingdom and want to add any, or all of our brands, to your natural men’s health offering, please email us we'll contact you with an application form or email us on.
  • Do you collaborate / partner with other brands?
    We know the strength of the MANimal Kingdom is in a pack and love brilliant collaborations and partnerships. Please do contact us with your ideas. If it makes sense and is a good fit for DNA and our Because Men Matter philosophy, we’d love to hear from you. Parnterships / Collaborations: Media and PR Contacts

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