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Our Naturopathic nutritionist, Roberta is here to answer all your questions on DNA supplements, testosterone, nutrition and how to live
a healthy lifestyle

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Thinking outside the box

Our head nutritionist, Roberta Stringer is committed to making healthy nutrition a part of every man's life.  She is responsible for developing the world's first age specific, liquid testosterone boosting supplement because she knows how important healthy testosterone levels are for mens' overall well-being. 

She has a degree in naturopathic nutrition and is the only female CEO of a men's hormonal health company, working alongside her husband, co-founder and Chief Innovations Officer, Sheldon Stringer.

It was because of Sheldon's own battle with low testosterone that started the DNA journey in the first place and is why we are so passionate about our products because this is an issue that hit very close to home.

It's not just about sex drive

Every body works differently with a complex combination of systems all working in harmony to ensure overall well-being. 

Studies have shown that men with low testosterone are 6 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than men with healthy testosterone levels which highlights the importance of testosterone when it comes to our health.

At DNA, we know how busy life can be and that is why we developed a testosterone boosting supplement that doubles up as a multi-vitamin and is in a convenient daily drink. No pills or capsules!

Just one, convenient, easy to make daily drink.


Ask our nutritionist

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