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This is a question each and every one of us men will ask ourselves at some stage of our lives.

With testosterone levels half that of what it was 50 years ago, if you think you might have low testosterone, chances are, you probably do but here is a guide of what to look out for if you think your testosterone levels are running on the low side.

No more Woody in the mornings.

If you've noticed a distinct lack of morning erections, this is usually a strong indicator that your testosterone levels are on their way down. Obviously one or two days a week isn't a problem, but if you find that you're waking up week after week without your usual glorious morning greeting, chances are your testosterone levels are low.

Less like a Bro, More like a Couch potato.

Have you noticed a change in your energy levels, mood, motivation and joy? These are all strong signs that your testosterone might be low.

Low Energy Levels accompanied by constant fatigue / always being tired is also a strong indicator that something needs to be done.

With Low-T comes broken or poor sleep quality which in turn comes with low energy levels and always being tired. This in turn will impact your mood, how you see the world.

It will also impede your ability and motivation to do things, even things you used to love doing. Going to the gym, going out, socialising and even sex. If you're experiencing all of these, then a discussion with your GP might be a good place to start.

Don't bounce back as quickly as you used to.

If you find that your joints and muscles start to ache, those extra holiday pounds are becoming more and more difficult to shed and you find that when you injure yourself, it takes longer to get back to normal, then again, this could be a sign of low testosterone levels. The word "Anabolic" means "Grow & Repair" and that is why it is associated with steroids. Steroids are a synthetic version of natural testosterone and therefore, testosterone is an anabolic hormone. If your body isn't repairing and growing as quickly as it used to, this could indicate that your testosterone levels are running low.

Symptoms Summarised.

  1. Loss of Morning erections

  2. Lack of Energy

  3. Poor / broken sleep

  4. Always tired

  5. Lack of motivation

  6. Low Mood

  7. Low / No libido

  8. Aches & Pains in joints and muscles

  9. Loss of muscle mass and increased fat especially around the gut.

  10. Lack of joy

  11. Lack of Metal focus and / or clarity

What should you do?

If you think you have low testosterone levels, first thing is to not panic or make any rash decisions. Also it's important to note that there is no "Silver bullet" or "Quick Fix" to low testosterone levels but low testosterone levels are reversible to an extent.

Speak to your GP or Urologist - First port of call is to speak to your GP. Advised them of your symptoms and insist of having a "free" or "Unbound" testosterone levels test. Most NHS GPs will try and test your "testosterone blood levels" but this isn't the test that will show if you have low-T. Low testosterone symptoms as mentioned above are caused by low "Free" or "Unbound" testosterone levels, also known as Bio-available testosterone. It is possible to have normal testosterone blood levels but low bio-available testosterone and that is why you need to insist on having the "Free" testosterone test.

If you do have low-T - Your doctor might prescribe you TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) but you do have other options.

* 80% of Men come off TRT after the first year due to side effects

* TRT makes 100% men infertile whilst taking it with 5% remaining infertile

after coming off it.

* TRT doesn't address the cause but merely treats the symptoms

* TRT can take up to 6-12 months before you start to notice any benefits

* Only 9% of men with low testosterone qualify for TRT and TRT isn't

prescribed for age related testosterone decline a.k.a Andropause.

One of the major causes of low testosterone is micronutrient deficiencies, i.e. your body doesn't have the building blocks to produce natural testosterone. The good news is that you can address this issue with a change in diet and lifestyle including regular exercise and 8+ hours sleep per night.

Eliminating toxins such as smoking, alcohol and drugs will also improve your body's ability to produce testosterone naturally.

The Sales Pitch - All DNA products are designed to tackle these micronutrient deficiencies with our unique clinically proven, age specific liquid testosterone support supplements. With a 95% absorption rate of ingredients compared to that of 30% of all other pill / capsule based supplements, DNA's products are the most potent testosterone supplements available without prescription and are all clinically proven to increase natural testosterone production by up to 45% after 12 weeks when taken daily.

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