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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Everything you need to know when choosing a testosterone booster!

Testosterone boosters is a term given to a range of supplements that designed to increase levels of testosterone in the body. In this sense we are talking about natural testosterone boosters and not anabolic steroids which is synthetic testosterone.

All aside from DNA who have modernised the old-fashioned approach and innovated into much more bioavailable and convenient powders, all other T boosters are tablet or pill based.

We’ll go into more detail about the important differences between tablets and powders and why all T-boosters are not made equal.

Why do men need to boost their T levels?

Sadly T-levels are at a global all time low and declining.

Deficiency and low levels are now very common.

Testosterone is fundamental and critical for men’s health, wellbeing, and longevity. Low testosterone levels are linked to a heightened risk of premature death from heart disease and all causes according to published research. It also leads to chronic health conditions if left unsupported including osteoporosis.

The latest research shows that low testosterone increases the likelihood of dying from Covid by 6 times.

Consequently, there has never been a more important time for men to take their T-levels seriously and take control over their long term health.

In an ideal world, none of us would need to take any nutritional supplements. We would get all of nature’s wonderful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients crucial for health from our regular diet. Sadly however, those days are long gone.

It’s likely all of us have one if not multiple nutrient deficiencies due to the way we now farm our foods, genetically altering natural products so we can have strawberries etc all year round instead of seasonally like they should be and wanting to only pay £3 for a whole chicken, we’ve completely changed the nutrient quality and quantity of our food. Add in our obsession with convenience meals, love of fast foods and the nations sweet tooth, it’s virtually impossible to get our daily reference intake of vitamins and minerals from our food alone.

Deficiencies are commonplace and on the increase across all age groups. One recent study had this at 92% of the US population having at least one deficiency. The reality is it’s likely that we all have more than one in adulthood.

Understanding how damaging this is, DNA added in a multivitamin to all our products. We know that you can’t build healthy hormones if you are nutrient deficient.

Lifestyle factors are also negatively driving down T-levels.

Add on top of that the lifestyle factors including the global obesity and diabetes crisis (both of which are the main drivers of decelerating testosterone levels), today’s generation of men are heading for early graves.

Toxins are creating havoc on hormones!

Chemicals and toxins infiltrate our food and water to a catastrophic degree. Industrial products mimic hormones (called Xenoestrogens) and are also wreaking havoc on our moods, bodies, cognitive function, not to mention our sex lives to a level that we’ve never seen before.

Causing a ripple effect on our hormones and impacting relationships and comprising our aim to live long, heathy lives.

Men’s Hormonal heath V Women’s Hormonal Health

Women have been paying attention to their hormones for years.

Yet despite the wealth of evidence revealing that healthy testosterone levels are critical for men’s health and disease prevention, why do so few many pay attention to theirs?

Is it lack awareness, stigma, a reluctance to accept there’s an issue or refusal to pay money to prioritise their T health?

Most likely all the above – DNA are doing our best to change all this.

We are the only brand campaigning to destigmatise testosterone deficiency and empower men to talk about the very thing (testosterone) that makes them men in the first place. After all, how will anything change?

All testosterone boosters are not the same

Make sure you know what’s in it and why

As we know, testosterone levels are decreasing annually. The testosterone levels of a 30-year-old are the same as a 70-year-old back in 1990. If that isn’t enough to get you ordering your DNA free sample I don’t know what is.

We know that the issue has become far more complex, challenging, and crucial to solve, yet the products are stuck in the 1990’s – WHY?

It’s 2021! Yet every product on the market except for DNA’s pioneering range is entrenched in sports nutrition assuming that only men into fitness care about their testosterone levels.

This is completely nonsensical. All men have testosterone that is declining and its testosterone that makes men in the first place! Let’s delve into what you should be looking for and why DNA’s range are so different (and superior!)

Check list:

  • Don’t believe the HYPE. Be wary of claims that sound too good to be true – they are!

Google searches will provide endless T boosters claiming that they can increase your muscle by X amount in 2 weeks and get harder erections overnight or your money back! Really? The reality is that if it sounds too good to be true – it is.

Unfortunately, many of the brands flogging sports nutrition T tablets are simply in it for the money. They know men are desperate to reconnect with their youth and find the elixir of virility and will tell them exactly what they think they need to hear to buy them. Don’t get suckered into the marketing jargon and noise. It’s all meaningless if the product doesn’t work and if they are advertising like this – then chances are it doesn’t.

  • There is NO quick fix – deficiencies take time to rectify

If you have any deficiencies, thinking you can pop a couple of tablets of which half won’t be absorbed and some of it simply peed out, you are kidding yourself.

We also know there’s no such thing as a quick fix. Low T happens over time so don’t expect overnight results – chances are it will take a few weeks to feel a change and consistency is the other way to ensure levels remain optimal.

DNA’s approach is holistic. Testosterone production is on a daily 24 hour cycle. Everything you eat or drink today impacts tomorrow’s levels. That’s why we make daily sachets to optimise your natural production and include vitamins like all the B’s and C which are water soluble – meaning the body can’t store them so need topping up daily.

  • Is the manufacturer transparent about every ingredient?

Hiding behind proprietary blends is common. It simply means you have no idea what’s in it or why. There is no legitimate reason for doing this in today’s world where transparency and authenticity drive customer confidence and loyalty. We also manufacture in the UK and can trace every single ingredient from source to sachet.

  • Do the ingredients have legal EFSA claims?

This is the only governing body that checks every natural ingredient and lists exactly what proven research there is to its positive health impact on the body. It’s gold standard that is ethical brands (like DNA’s) bible and go to. If they can’t list these then there is no proven research that allows them to make any claims at all. Sadly, very few products offer this, and many overstate their claims. Do your own research.

For the record, Tribulus, Horny Goats Weed, Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto don’t have ANY legal claims. Plus, nothing at all in relation to men’s health, testosterone levels or boosting them in anyway shape or form.

All of DNA’s brands have over 100 legal health claims in all our ingredient blends and have been thorough researched. This is unrivalled in the market and testament to our commitment to serve men better.

  • How many tablets do I have to take daily?

Likely to be 4-6 according to the key players in the market (until DNA innovated into powders).

How boring and by today’s standards, inefficient and outdated Not only is this a challenge to remember, but the more tablets also you take, the more they compete for absorption.

Also, if your digestive system is sub optimal (99% of the UK’s is -the older you are the more likely it is far from working effectively particularly if you drink, take over the counter or prescription meds, or have a poor diet), then your body simply won’t digest the ingredients – that is if they have made it through the body breaking down the outer casing.

We moved into powders for many reasons and the above are just some of them. Not to mention, convenience of a daily drink as well as the fact that nutrients in liquid are delivered efficiently into the body and are immediately digested so they can get to work quickly boosting your natural hormone production.

  • The contents of tablets are less bioactive than powders and liquids.

Depending on their shelf life, by the time they hit your stomach, many contain so few active ingredients that you are basically just peeing them out. They are cheap to make which is why they are so common – they can also have lots of binders and fillers you don’t need.

This is also why DNA powders are slightly more expensive than other brands. We use professional grade nutrients, and our blends are strategically formulated based on the symptoms of T decline at key points of men’s lives. They were launched following two years R & D.

We also guarantee no nasties in our products ever.

  • Does your T booster meet the specific needs of your current stage of testosterone decline?

If you are taking anything other than DNA natural testosterone powders, then the answer is likely to be a resounding NO!

Sports nutrition testosterone boosters just targets everyone with the same products not caring or acknowledging the complex stages of testosterone decline.

Female hormonal health products don’t make the same products for 60-year-old women as they do for 30-year-olds – why? Because the long existing and hugely successful female market understand that nutrient needs and symptoms change depending on where each person is in their hormonal health journey.

Surely in 2021 it makes sense then to design ranges of testosterone boosters that are strategically formulated to provide exactly the right blend of nutrients that men need, exactly when they need it.

We think so! That’s why we did it. Honestly, it blows our minds that no one else has bothered to. Men’s hormonal health needs have been underserved for years and it must change.

DNA has broken the outdated and ineffective mould in offering me a one size fits all tablet approach. This old-fashioned method is unhelpful as testosterone decline in men’s twenties requires different support to older men as there are clear different biochemical changes that need targeted cellular support.

Our T boosters provide exactly the right nutrients you need at each stage of lifelong T decline offering targeted cellular support.

Does you know if you current T booster’s ingredients have been proven to work in humans not just animals?

A strange question you think but not if you knew how many in fact have no scientific or support research into the impacts on T levels.

In a 2018 study, 90% of the T boosters being sold on did not contain ANY ingredients that had proven research showing it had a positive impact on testosterone levels in HUMANS. Ours is not one of them – is your current brand?

T Booster Fact V Fiction

Most of the testosterone brands haven’t changed their approach or formula for years. But we know testosterone health has declined and for different reasons.

DNA’s blends take the very latest scientific evidence into men’s health (which changes all the time) into which ingredients and nutrients are known to be safe, effective and promote positive health changes. We formulate based on facts not fiction.


For a mere £1.40 a day (the cost of a month’s subscription to any of DNA’s daily T boosting powders), you can optimise, boost and protect your testosterone levels which we know from research is the hormone that is the foundation of all men’s health and the difference between optimal wellness and or chronic illness.

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