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With every Tom, Dick & Harry (no Meghan) selling testosterone supplements these days, how do you know which one to choose and whether they are safe?

We have put together a quick guide of simple things to look out for when shopping for your testosterone support supplements to ensure you don't get scammed.


Due to the complex nature of testosterone health, there isn't

an ingredient on the planet that can help you achieve natural testosterone health on it's own and therefore if you see a supplement with only one ingredient i.e. Tribulus, Tongkat Ali or Ashwaghandha then steer clear. Although these are great ingredients to support natural testosterone production, they simply cannot get the job done on their own.

Say "NO" to single ingredient supplements


The number 1 cause of low testosterone is micronutrient deficiencies and these are caused by a variety of lifestyle factors from poor diet to stress, alcohol and drug use and lack of sleep or lack of exercise.

Simply put, if you don't supply your body with the building blocks it needs to produce testosterone, i.e. micronutrients,

you're going to have low testosterone.

To eliminate these deficiencies and to get your body producing healthy levels of testosterone takes time and can range from anywhere between 4 weeks to 6 months depending on your level of micronutrient deficiencies.

There is no quick fix to low-T and even TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) which is a pharmaceutical intervention can take up to 6 months before you start noticing any benefits and that is why GPs will not prescribe it for anything less than this period.

So, if any products claim that you will feel a difference in a few days is a sign that you shouldn't go anywhere near the product unless wasting money is a hobby of yours.


One of the easiest ways to ensure the product you're looking at is the real deal is to see if the product is sold anywhere other than the manufacturer's website bar Amazon. If not, chances are the product is no good. This is due to having to go through compliance to be sold in retail and most t-boosters don't come close to compliance and therefore you'll be wasting your money.

DNA are the only testosterone supplement in the world that is sold in Selfridges, one of the UK's leading and most exclusive retailers and believe me, their compliance procedures are brutal.

Amazon did a audit on all testosterone supplements sold on their platform and 99% of them either made exaggerated and unfounded claims, were not manufactured in a regulated facility or simply didn't work due to lack of ingredients and poor dosages. DNA's range of testosterone support supplements were the only in the UK to meet and exceed the compliance requirements.


For any supplement to be effective, it needs the right ingredients, the right amount of ingredients and the correct dosages of ingredients to ensure it does what it says.

This is another easy way to spot supplements that simply don't work.

We have addressed the single ingredient

supplement issue, but what about amounts

and absorption?

The maximum absorption rate of ingredients in pills and capsules is 30% at best because your body has to digest the binders, fillers and caking agents used in the manufacturing before it can get to the ingredients at which time, most of it has been destroyed by our stomach acid.

The other issue is that due to the manufacturing process, it's nearly impossible to get enough of any ingredient into to pill to make it effective. So not only do you not have high enough dosages of ingredients, but your body only absorbs 30% of this so again, it's nearly impossible to get enough of the ingredients to have any major impact.

This is why DNA have designed the world's only powder to liquid supplement and here is why. Liquid supplements have an absorption rate of 95% of ingredients as it gets straight into the blood stream due to no binders, fillers or caking agents. Also because of this format, we have the highest safe dosages of all our ingredients to ensure that you get the maximum benefit when taking our supplement.


Before buying any product, always do your homework. A lot of companies claim that their products were developed by nutritionists, which is code for a personal trainer that did a nutrition course and decided to make a supplement. Find out who the "nutritionist" is and find out their professional qualifications. After all, this is something you are going to be taking so you need to be sure.

All DNA's products took 2 years of research and development and was done so in a clinical laboratory in the UK. Our products were developed by a clinical nutritionist, Bertie Stringer, who has a degree in naturopathic nutrition along side Dr Bernie Willis, a hormonal and testosterone specialist and Dr Hamed Kamali, a TRT & testosterone specialist so you can rest assured that all DNA products are not only safe, but that they are effective.

DNA products are manufactured right here in the UK in a FDA approved facility with GMP accreditation. DNA products are also the only products with over 100 EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) claims on each product.

So there you have it. We know that is a lot to take in, but when it comes to your health, the supplements you take and the ingredients within them, it's vital that you always ensure you getting the very best product that is as safe as it is effective.

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