Updated: Jun 2

Welcome to the DNA blog and our brand spanking new website!

It’s been quite some journey to get here and we are overjoyed that we can now, at last, offer our pioneering products (and support) to men who could really benefit from using them. With testosterone deficiency impacting 1 in 4 men in the UK alone, we know it’s an enormous problem that needs addressing. We understand and we are with you the entire way through your own personal hormonal health journey. Roberta & Sheldon Stringer. Co-Founders of DNA

The DNA Story

The DNA journey began in 2014 when company co-founders Sheldon and Roberta first met. The South African born and bred Physical Performance Specialist and Hertfordshire nutritionist, shared many passions including their love of health and fitness. The cemented both their personal relationship getting married in Cape Town, and their professional partnership forming DNA (Dynamic Nutrition Academy) in 2018. It was quite a year!

In 2017 Sheldon was wrongly diagnosed with depression at the age of 40. A self-professed Alpha man, Sheldon should have been at the peak of his physical fitness. As a fitness expert, with a zest for life and love of extreme sports, he knew that something was up. He no longer felt himself, couldn’t get the gains in the gym he was used to, had low energy, and lost his libido which was far from ideal with a new fiancé. Sheldon was also shocked by his new feelings of rage at what was a happy time of his life personally and professionally.

After a succession of ineffective treatments. Sheldon refused to accept his fate was a lifetime on anti-depressants and Viagra. Having researched his symptoms, he insisted on getting his testosterone checked. With a new diagnosis of low T he understood that what he was going through was the very misunderstood male menopause known as andropause. It was a Eureka moment whereby he was incredibly relieved that there was an explanation and valid reason for his symptoms and feelings.

Rather than immediately turn to Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Sheldon pursued his own protocol of diet and lifestyle changes and enlisted his wife to put her naturopathic nutrition experience to good use on him.

“It's all about the testosterone, or in my case, a deficiency thereof. It became abundantly clear very early on that TD and the associated symptoms was a condition that is so often mis-diagnosed as depression or simply explained and accepted as the ageing process. It wasn’t something I wasn't willing to accept and I set about finding my own solutions.

I was also shocked by the statistics around men’s health and realised that there is very little awareness about men’s hormonal health in particular. With 1 in 4 men experiencing low testosterone at some point in their lives, this is a massive problem on a global scale. Men need to understand they are not alone and that they can take control over their own hormonal health journey and there is support out there for men exactly like them.

That is why I am so proud and excited about what’s we’re doing at DNA. We have a range of truly groundbreaking products to support men through every stage of their lives that can help them liberate them from the symptoms and stigma of TD” - Sheldon Stringer.

Around the same time that Sheldon was experiencing symptoms, Roberta started to see a pattern in men seeking support for low Testosterone at her nutrition clinic. It became clear that the many unpleasant and misunderstood symptoms of testosterone deficiency that men were experiencing, were causing distress in men of all ages. Most importantly they were seeking help and natural options to the pharmaceutical interventions being presented to them.

Between them they realised that testosterone deficiency was a common problem, with very few natural solutions, and the concept of DNA was born.

When researching the market, Sheldon and Roberta also quickly realised that the current approach to natural testosterone solutions is outdated and old fashioned.

Products tend to focus only on the sports market, wrongly assuming that only men into fitness care about their hormonal health. The tablet and capsule options have questionable absorption, and the one size fits all men approach is not helpful. Women’s hormonal health solutions moved on from this twenty years ago, but sadly men’s hormonal health has not enjoyed the same progress.

“Females are taught about their hormones from an early age and have the freedom to talk about their issues and have a vast range of products uniquely designed for their complex and personal needs. Men aren’t extended the same privilege.